Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
— Thomas Merton

Teresa here. I am the photographer and videographer at Teresa Jean Productions. I use my camera to capture your life moments, and create visual art for you to keep, for life. People often only think to work with a photographer for the big milestones in life (graduations, weddings, births). I want to give you more than a traditional portrait of these moments. I want to help you capture the real life behind these moments - your life.

I first found interest in filming and photography while studying abroad in Brazil for spring break my freshman year of college. It was my first time outside of the USA and I wanted to remember everything (even if it wasn’t captured in the most picture perfect way, see right).

Flash forward to my senior year of college, I began taking clips at random events, birthday parties, graduation dinners, and girls nights in. Time was flying by too fast and I wanted a way to hold on to those cherished moments.

Photograph by  Emily Steward

Photograph by Emily Steward

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I didn’t just want a photo of me in a graduation cap (although they did turn out AMAZING). I wanted the moments that led up to walking across that stage. I wanted something to look back on that resembled my time in college - something as beautiful, ridiculous, and full of emotion as the past four years (and the crazies show below).

Photograph by Meri Grace Francis

Photograph by Meri Grace Francis


And now, that’s what I want for YOU. I want us to capture your life leading up to, through, and after the “big” moments. I want us to collaborate on capturing your coziest days wildest and adventures. A solo shoot walking through your favorite part of town. A pet-parent shoot by the fire. An engagement celebration at your favorite location. Or a family vacation with the ones you love the most. These are the moments of your story. Let’s capture them, for life.