All video projects are a collaboration. My goal is to capture your vision, and display it the way YOU see it. We will work together through the whole process, beginning with uncovering YOUR vision. We will outline clear expectations, so on the day of filming, you can focus on YOU.

Wedding Film

Weddings aren’t the same for everyone, so your video shouldn’t be the same either! My goal is to capture your special day, in a way that makes sense for YOU and your partner. Do you envision a magical fairy tale? A moody, romantic love story? A day full of family, joy and laughter? Or a full-blown PARTY?

Your love story and wedding are unique to you, I believe your video should be, too!



Marketing and Promotional Video

Marketing and promotional videos are on of the best ways for companies and small businesses to connect with their clients. Having a promo video on your website or social media allows potential customers and clients to get to know who YOU are, what you do, and why you do it.

Together we can craft a video that connects with your target audience. We will draft a script that highlights your business and create a storyboard that shows the value you provide for each customer.